Old Fishing Lures

I collect old fishing lures and vintage fishing tackle. I focus primarily on fishing lures that were made in Indiana.

I can appraise your antique fishing lures and I will buy any lures you have that were made in Indiana!

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Vintage Fishing Lure Antique Fishing Lure Old Fishing Lure Old Fishing Lures
The Outing Company, from Elkhart, Indiana, manufactured several metal antique fishing lures......click here to read more
The Skipper Bill, an old wood lure, was made for a short time in Indiana......click here to read more
Staley Johnson produced several collectible vintage lures in Fort Wanye, Indiana....click here to read more
Joseph Neukam made a Doodlebug Lure in Jasper, Indiana....click here to read more
The Creek Chub Bait Company produced the most popular Indiana - made antique lures....click here to read more
The Bite - Em Bate Company made a variety of old fishing lures in Fort Wayne, Indiana....click here to read more


Indiana Fishing Lures